Six puppies have found after allegedly being thrown into a local river.

On Monday, Nancy Roberds, who lives in Acampo, saw a neighbor walking by her home with a wagon full of puppies.

The neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Roberds that she had just rescued the puppies from the Mokelumne River after seeing someone throw a bag into the river.

"She said she was in a car with a friend behind another car and they were going across the bridge over the river and she saw them toss a gunny sack out the window," Roberds recounted. "She was concerned what that might be. And stopped and went down the river and jumped in and there was puppies in that bag."

The good Samaritan also said she did CPR on one of the dogs.

Roberds and her daughter, Bradleigh Strack, offered to help. They posted about the pups on several Facebook pages hoping to find them a foster home.

Within an hour, Anna Charlesworth from Lodi saw the post and offered to take them in.

"I saw the posting, I responded and said I will take them, tell me when to take them," Charlesworth told ABC10.

When the puppies first came to the home, Charlesworth said, they were quiet and afraid, but now they're adjusting well.

"I made them comfortable. I fed them. I just let them acclimate to their new space and now," she said, "They’re acting like normal puppies."

Charlesworth will keep the puppies until they find a permanent homes.

In the meantime, the nearby animal shelter, Animal Friends, will get them shots and microchips.

The puppies will eventually be up for adoption through Animal Friends for $250 each.