All public school districts in Sonoma County will be back in session beginning Monday, three weeks after wildfires started across the region.

Mark West, Geyserville and Piner-Olivet school districts will resume regular business and class for the first time since the fires began Monday. The 11 Santa Rosa City school sites that were not reopened Friday will also resume classes.

Students from four schools around the Santa Rosa area will not be returning to their old campuses due to the fire’s impact, however.

Hidden Valley Satellite School was destroyed during the fire and Roseland Collegiate Prep was also seriously damaged.

Students from those schools as well as those from Schaefer Charter School and Riebli Elementary in the Mark West School District will be temporarily moved into other schools within their respective districts.

At the peak of the fire’s impact, all but three of the county’s 40 school districts were closed, resulting in the closure of roughly 180 schools, county officials reported, affecting 71,000 students county-wide.

For more information about closures and the status of schools across the county, click over to the Santa Rosa County Office of Education website.