A nationwide class-action lawsuit over artificial turf involves a Tahoe school district.

The Lake Tahoe Unified School District -- specifically South Tahoe Middle School -- is part of a lawsuit that alleges artificial turf company, FieldTurf, sold schools fields that were defective and "degrading prematurely."

A combined complaint involving all the accusations was filed in New Jersey federal court Friday.

"The way that the fields failed is that the fibers break off, they pull out of the backing," said Alexander Robertson, an attorney representing the Tahoe school district. "The artificial turf fields are made just like carpet."

In a statement to ABC10, FieldTurf disagreed with the allegations, also noting that they're committed to honoring warranties and working with customers.

"South Tahoe Middle School’s field was installed in 2007 and is still in use. This means that the school has gotten roughly a decade of use from the field – well beyond the standard eight-year warranty term," FieldTurf said in a statement.