Halloween costume shoppers won't be finding any "creepy clown" masks on Target store shelves or online.

The decision was made late last week to pull all clown masks from stores, out of sensitivity for the "creepy clown" scare that’s spreading across the nation.

Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas said there were only a few in-store clown mask options. Those are no longer available for purchase.

"There was a much broader assortment available on Target.com and we pulled a good portion of those masks as well," Thomas said.

As of Sunday evening, a few masks remained online. Thomas said those too will be pulled very soon.

Police in several states, including California, have been dealing with threats and pranks related to people wearing clown masks.

Earlier this month, detectives in Concord were investigating an alleged kidnapping attempt involving a man dressed in a clown costume. Police said a mother carrying her 1-year-old child were walking out of a Denny's when they were approached by the man, wearing a clown costume. Police said the man attempted to grab the baby by the arm repeatedly before the mother was able to fend him off.