Police in Oakland, California blocked thousands of people protesting Donald Trump's election from getting onto a highway Wednesday night.

The crowd chanting and waving signs gathered in Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland in the afternoon. Officials said the crowd had swelled to 6,000 people by evening.

By late Wednesday, two groups that set small fires on streets remained in the area.

Officers in riot gear stood guard and blocked them from marching onto nearby Interstate 90.

Television images showed some in the crowd dragging plywood and trash cans to feed one fire.

In San Francisco, hundreds marched along Market Avenue, one of the city's main avenues, to join a vigil in the Castro District, a predominantly gay neighborhood.

In Chicago, several thousand people marched through the Loop and gathered outside Trump Tower, chanting "Not my president!" A similar protest in Manhattan drew about 1,000 people. Outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in midtown, police installed barricades to keep the demonstrators at bay.

Hundreds of protesters gathered near Philadelphia's City Hall despite chilly, wet weather. In Boston, thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters streamed through downtown, chanting "Trump's a racist" and carrying signs that said "Impeach Trump" and "Abolish Electoral College."

There were also protests in the nation's capital, on the West Coast and at some college campuses.