The Turlock Police Department plans to start testing body cameras as early as mid-July.

The department has researched the cameras -- and its costs -- for more than a year.

"Body cameras have shown to have a very positive impact regarding interactions with citizens and officers, they have also shown to help decrease complaints and instances in the use of force to effect an arrest," Sgt. Neil Cervenka, a spokesman with the department, said.

The Turlock City Council is scheduled to approve a trial agreement for the cameras Tuesday evening.

Cervenka said Police Chief Ninus Amirfar has requested funding in next year's budget for body cameras for "all sworn staff."

The department also plans to have community meetings on the cameras in the next couple of months, hoping to solicit feedback and suggestions.

Elsewhere, the Sacramento Police Department has already started equipping officers with body cameras, Sgt. Bryce Heinlein, a spokesman with the department, said.

The plan is to have body cameras on all Sacramento patrol officers by September.