As life’s clock winds to the end, a 90-year-old watch repair man is giving up his profession to pursue a passion that’s as odd as a Coo-coo bird.

Bill Blair traded in his magnifying glass and tweezers for a welder.

“This is just junk! Friends just bring me different things to see what I can make with it,” Blair said.

The Turlock man now builds bird sculptures out of a variety of used metal part. An old shovel is transformed into wings and a warn tools a beak.

Blair repaired watches and jewelry in Turlock for more than 60 years. After selling his business he needed something to keep him busy.

“Well it keeps him out of trouble… sometimes that’s hard,” Blair’s wife Irene said.

The birds are a big conversation piece, and Blair doesn’t mind the dozens of sculptures that fill the house and back patio.

The art may not be as timeless as the pocket watches Blair once repaired, but the time spent building this art has brought these love bird of 67 years, closer together. Maybe flocking to a new passion is something we can all take lesson from.

Bill says the birds are not for sale so you will just have to enjoy the pictures we have took for you.