A Vacaville woman was called a Grinch in a letter mailed to her for not decorating her home for Christmas.

Lyndia Zarra lives on Shady Glen Avenue but around Christmas time it turns into Lollipop Lane. The next street over turns into Candy Cane Lane.

Neighbors say it started a few decades ago as a friendly rivalry of who can decorate their homes more around Christmas. Today nearly all homes are elaborately decorated on both streets.

Zarra said she couldn't decorate this year after her mother passed away in October from cancer.

"When I got home I couldn't look at them, I couldn't maintain it," Zarra said. "I had to deal with my family and myself."

Her mother painted every decoration for their Disney themed home.

"I think I'm gonna miss Christmas," Zarra said. "It was her favorite. Not adding. We won't be able to add to this next year so now I have to accept what I have. Appreciate what I have because there won't be more."

Christmas this year was hard without her mother but what was worse the letter she received the next day.

"In my mailbox was a letter completely anonymous telling me I'm a mean person basically I'm a Scrooge cause I didn't decorate," Zarra said.

The letter didn't have her name but it was sent to a resident of Lollipop Lane with her address.

In it states, "it is extremely disrespectful, rude and selfish to not decorate a house on these two special and unique streets. And tens of thousands of people wish all the Scrooges would not destroy our cities traditions for their own selfish reasons."

It was signed on behalf of "the entire city of Vacaville, surrounding communities, residents of Lollipop Lane, residents of Candy Cane Lane, families, friends, and everyone."

Zarra said she was extremely hurt by the letter. Her mother loved Christmas.

"It's painful," Zarra said. "Even the ones that decorate. We go through a lot of work and a lot of love is put in to every house that decorates those who don't decorate don't decorate for a reason."

"I was disappointed in that," said David Willingham, a neighbor. "This isn't mandatory this is all out of good grace and free will. We do it cause we have fun and kids love it and people love it."

We reached to other neighbors who didn't decorate this year but they told us they didn't receive this letter. However they believe it could be because they thought it was junk mail since it's not addressed to them.