Polling station issues do happen on Election Day.

A voter via Facebook said “Went to my local polling place Arlington Creek Apartments in Antelope Ca to cast my ballot and the ballot machine is ‘broke.’ They said could leave it and they would run it through whenever it got fixed. I DON'T THINK SO, most important election and there is this crap, I don't like it! Many of us left and we will try again this evening. This better be fixed!"

In response to this situation Jill Levine, a representative with the Sacramento County Elections Office, gave insight as to what could be the problem and what follows after it's fixed.

Levine says that the situation at the Arlington Creek Apartments must be with the scanner - ballots are scanned after completed.

Levine goes on to say that when a scanner goes down, there is an auxiliary box that ballots are placed in and then scanned when the scanner is working again. She says that techs are regularly working hard throughout the County on Election Day to keep equipment running.

The folks at Arlington Creek Apartments report that everything is running fine.