Central Oklahoma was just hit by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake.

According to the Associated Press, it caused damage to some structures and was felt from cities as far as Kansas City, Mo., and Little Rock, Ark.

With this recent event, we wanted to take a look into the last 5.0-or-over magnitude earthquake in California and its affect.

Ferndale, located in Humboldt County, actually experienced a 5.6 magnitude earthquake this year on Sept. 2 at 8:27 p.m.

"There have only been three this year, one centered offshore and two in pretty rural areas, so not much damage." said a representative of the California Dept. of Conservation office in Sacramento.

The Ferndale quake was centered offshore, so along with not having much damage, there were also no casualties. The other two this year were located in Upper Lake on Aug. 9 and Borrego Springs on June 10.

The last earthquake that was responsible for at least one fatality happened in 2014 in South Napa, according to the representative. The damage reportedly totaled from $362-million up to one billion.