You probably remember Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner getting sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman, but what about the judge who sentenced him?

Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced Turner, faces a potential recall in June 2018, but that's only if the campaign behind his recall effort can get it on the ballot before Santa Clara County voters.

A hearing over collecting the signatures needed to get it on the ballot is set for Monday at 1:30 p.m. in Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose.

Persky filed a lawsuit the same day the campaign was set to start collecting signatures, arguing that efforts to recall a superior court judge should be filed with the state.

A spokesman with the Secretary of State's Office said overseeing a superior court judge recall is the responsibility of county elections officials.

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, who's leading the recall effort, tells ABC10 that this is another reason to recall Persky.

"We are now on day 13 of a totally unconstitutional injunction blocking us from collecting signatures. It is just sad to see a judge engaging in this kind of misuse of the courts to gain political advantage," said Dauber.

To get it on the ballot, the campaign needs 58,634 verified signatures, according to Dauber.

Persky's lawyer, Christine Peek, could not be reached for comment Thursday.