Woodland's County Fair Mall may be in early stages of redevelopment but management has other plans.

But while the city has plans to redevelop, mall management and the current owner wants something different for the mall.

Woodland mayor Angel Barajas remembers the mall opening up as a child.

"Everyone wanted to come to the mall and have a good time," Barajas said. "It was always families just gearing up to the weekend."

Barajas showed us around to all the other parts of the mall where stores have now closed.

"It's kind of creepy and a lot of people used to go to Gottschalks and come visit and hang out and once they left that's when a lot of stores started leaving," Barajas said.

The city of Woodland is working on revitalizing the mall with plans to demolish parts of it and add housing, but they've run into some trouble since they can't get a hold of the main owner.

"The main owner has the ability to come to terms and be able to negotiate with us and the future of what the site should look like and we need to have everyone on the table," Barajas said.

I spoke with the manager over the phone. He says the owner is aware of all the plans, but what they want is something to get people to come here now.

Jose Collazo who owns Boss Cafe inside the mall agrees.

"It sounds great everything they're trying to do," Collazo said, "but at the end of the day, it's not anywhere from five to 10 years from now."

The mayor says they need a plan that could take them decades into the future and the mall as is isn't enough.