The youngest mayor recorded in Sutter County history sworn in Wednesday night in Live Oak.

Aleksandar Tica is 26 years old and was born and raised in Live Oak.

His family owns Betty's Authentic Mexican Restaurant in the city. He's worked there since high school where he continues to work today.

"I'm open to the public," Tica said. "There's times I'm working and people are asking me questions."

When his shift ends, he goes from serving customers to serving his people as mayor.

Not only is he the youngest mayor on record in Sutter County but possibly the first Mexican-Serbian mayor in the country.

"I don't feel intimidated," Tica said. "I feel very encouraged because I've seen the shock on their faces."

He is using his age as an advantage, because he wants to see Live Oak thrive for people his age.

"We need to do something with our budget," Tica said. "We have to increase that. We have to work on that because we do get grants we're very thankful but at the same time let's build something with our own finances."

He is aware some people are worried about his age.

"Of course there are people that are like nah don't think so," Tica said. "It comes back from both generations so it's great working with everyone. I tell people my age or younger you shouldn't be intimidated. You shouldn't be scared."