A law enforcement program in Yuba City, California is offering speeders an alternative to fines.

The Yuba City Police Department’s Neighborhood Speed Awareness program allows those caught speeding to choose to attend a two-hour driving safety course instead of taking a fine. Once the course is completed, the citation is voided.

The program is designed to teach the public about the importance for speed compliance. In California, speeding is one of the leading factors of deadly car crashes.

In 2016, speed was a factor in nearly 30 percent of all car crashes in Yuba City.

Officer Matt Willing with the Yuba City Police Department said the program was developed because members of the community were complaining about speeding in their neighborhoods.

"We're trying to educate the public rather than punishing them with a fine,” said Willing.

Starting speeding fines in Sutter County are $225. The fine for driving more than 26 miles per hour over the speed limit is $459.

Officers are using this enforcement practice as just one way to get the message "Slow down" across.