Cal Trans District 10 in Stockton is cleaning out homeless encampments throughout the area this week.

"The purpose of the clearings is obviously the safety of the state right away and also for public health," Cal Trans District 10 spokesman Skip Allum said. "It's sensitive to the encampment issue and also does it's very best to treat the campers there with respect."

Allum says last week, 15 different encampment areas were identified in the Stockton-Lodi area along I-5 and Hwy. 99. He says 72-hour notices were posted resulting in 100 individual postings for camp sites.

Cal Trans says it works with the CHP and homeless advocacy groups to perform the clearings.

Trash and items that may be a health risk are thrown out, according to Allum.

"Advocacy groups are there to offer services and resources to those who are looking for it," Allum said.

Homeless advocates say the people who have to leave many times simply go back.

Linda Frontz, who is the family services manager with the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, says the lack of affordable housing in the community is the biggest issue for the homeless.

"There really isn't anywhere for them to go. So, they just go where they are closest to the services, where their tent is and they know the people in the area," Frontz said.