Carmichael will celebrate 108 years as a community on September 30, but some community leaders say it isn’t the neighborhood it once was and are aiming to change that.

In recent years, Linda Melody with the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce said the community has faced blight due to crime and homelessness.

Carmichael has no town hall, police, or fire departments. Instead, the unincorporated suburb of Sacramento falls under the jurisdiction of the county for public services like police and fire.

“The older a community gets, if you’re not making improvements and keeping things looking nice and upgraded, then it gets run down,” said Meloday. “And we don’t want to see that happen.”

In 2016, after several years of talks and planning, a group of community leaders and property owners came up with a plan to bring dedicated services to Carmichael to revitalize the area.

Nearly 70 percent of more than 250 commercial property owners agreed to form a Property Based Improvement District (PBID) that stretches several miles along Fair Oaks Boulevard from Lincoln Avenue to El Camino Avenue.

Under the Carmichael Improvement District (CID), property owners agreed to pay a property tax equivalent to a few cents per square foot of their property, amounting to more than $300,000 in revenue per year to fund services in that community.

Allan Davis, 70, developed the upscale Milagro center off Fair Oaks Boulevard about five years ago. The center has several restaurants and a café.

“We had so many issues and problems,” said Davis. People harassing the customers coming in, vandalism, tagging, and just people camping out here.”

The CID is now beginning to roll out services to aid local businesses. The Paladin Security company has been hired to patrol along Fair Oaks and a maintenance company hired to clean up weeds, graffiti, and trash.

Davis is a supporter of the CID and says he believes the results in the area are showing. He and other community leaders hope these efforts will attract new businesses to the area and customers to the existing ones.

There are 16 other similar PBID’s in the Sacramento area including the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, the Florin Road Partnership, and Power Inn Alliance to name a few.