Cats that were on death row now get to deal out a punishment all on their own: chasing rodents.

That’s the set up arranged by Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue that pulls cats from shelters.

“They are slated for euthanasia, and so we find work for them and try to take them off death row,” Kitty Bungalow president Silvia Schillo told ABC10.

This week, Schillo drove a van full of rescued cats up north to wineries in El Dorado County. There, the cats are more than welcome.

“See the holes in there? [Gophers] are a huge problem in vineyards. They love to eat the roots of the grapevines,” said Gwinllan Estate owner Chris Pack. “When they suggested the cats, we thought, ‘This could be the answer to our prayers.’”

Pack took in three feral cats, which she hopes will keep gophers, mice, rats and rabbits off Gwinllan’s 80-acre property in Somerset.

Schillo was able to find new homes for cats at three other wineries in the foothills, as well.

And if there is any question about what it’s like to drive a van of cats more than 400 miles – Schillo can answer.

“It’s smelly. That’s what I have to say about it,” she said. “it’s a smelly proposition.”