In an almond orchard at the corner of Grayson and Tully Roads in Hughson, stands a tree, decorated with lights and ornaments that years ago nearly had a not so happy end.

"This tree in the corner was a little scrawny tree and so I was going to take the tree up," said David Genzoli.

But one night at dinner, David and Kimber Genzoli's teenage daughter Danielle made it known, that was not going to happen.

"And my daughter Danielle had a fit, 'no dad, you're not going to take the tree up, this is my Charlie Brown tree and we're going to save it and give it a little more love'," he reminisced.

So the Genzoli's did and even made it festive, hanging a single bulb for Christmas and soon others added to it. But two years later, at 16 years old, Danielle got into a car accident and died.

The family was too distraught to continue the tradition, that is, until one by one, neighbors and strangers picked up the tradition decorating the tree.

"It's fascinating to us to go around the tree and look at the different ornaments. Some people will put messages on them. and it makes you wonder on some of them what significance that ornament has to them," said Kimber.

The tree is also adorned on other holidays like Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and Danielle's favorite, Halloween.

If you would like to see the tree, it will remain decorated up to New Years Day.

The Genzoli's also have a foundation in their daughter's memory called 'Danielle's Gift' because Danielle's dream was to travel the world and help children, young people in crisis after graduating from college. A fund has been established.

To donate or for more information you can go to