A 4-year-old girl wanted to serve police officers in Elk Grove donuts at her house, but little did she know there would be a bigger response from her nice gesture.

McKenzie or "Kenzie", as she's known by, is going through a phase as her mother Jamie Nelson describes it.

"Most kids have things they are into and then move on. Maybe this is just a phase, but it has been her longest phase and one I will continue to embrace," said Nelson in a statement to ABC10. "Anytime Kenzie see's a police car, police officer or hears sirens, her face lights up."

Kenzie wanted to do something nice and meet local police officers, so they decided to create a post asking for help. The post on Facebook read:

"Kenzie will be at 8941 Royal Gate Way this Sunday (10/29/17) from 9-11am handing out doughnuts to all police officers who would love a quick breakfast and a chance to meet one of your biggest fans. I would appreciate anyone who shared this post or tagged a police officer you know to help spread the word."

Something special happened after that when Elk Grove Police officers, the K-9 Unit and the Sacramento sheriff Department all showed up to the house.

When they arrived Kenzie was dressed in her police uniform serving every officer donuts. Safe to say everyone enjoyed the moment.