CHP officials are still looking for the driver who left the scene of a deadly accident on the I-5 Sunday morning.

It was a two-car crash between a Mercedes Benz and Volvo. 68-year-old Marcelino Castellano of Lodi was the driver of the Volvo and was killed, his two passengers were hurt.

Officials found the damaged Mercedes but the driver was gone. The car was registered to Tenley Johnson, who is known to be in the Vallejo area.

Many are talking about the story on social media and on the ABC10 Facebook page, as well as the Facebook of Tenley Johnson.

We reached out to the Castellano family and they said they weren't ready to talk to us. They have been active on social media and so have the friends and family of the other two victims.

One of the active posts on Tenley Johnson's page was from around 7 p.m. on Saturday, which read, "somebody pick me up and let's get drunk."

In the comments of her post, people weighed in.

David Castellano, who is the grandson of the man who died, wrote, "There's so many people giving condolences and sticking up for my [grandpa's] life thank you."

Another family member named Nena Amata wrote in the comments, "My Brother-in-law, my sister is devastated, turn yourself in and clear your name if it was not you, Tenely Johnson."

Johnson has not been identified as the person who caused the crash. Everything she posted on social media from Saturday showed her drinking and partying. CHP Officer Michael Bradley of the South Sacramento Area said Johnson's posts will be part of the investigation.

"Digital footprint now with smartphone technology, very much so helps the investigation out," Bradley said. "We can ping your phone, the pictures have geographical locations on them, you know longitude and latitude, where we can basically pin point the location where it was taken or things like that so of course. So, digital media is a tool to help investigators help solve crimes."