An attempted burglary suspect was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday morning.

Officers responded to the incident at approximately 5:40 a.m. in the 6000 block of Rowan Way.

When they arrived on scene the suspect was being held down by neighbors who had come to the assistance of a woman who suffered injuries by the man.

One of those men was Josh Estrella, a former High School football player.

“As soon as I get out the front door, there’s a guy running right in front of our house and another neighbor across from us, Bill, he was trying to help out and catch him, so I get involved,” Estrella told ABC10. “The guy has a knife. I tackle him down when he turns around. We both pin him down and take the knife out of his hands and just wait for the police to show up…it was crazy.”

Estrella said it was instincts that made him jump into action.

“I just wanted to you know take care of my neighbors and my friends,” he explained.

Lauren Barber, Estrella’s fiancé, was the one who first heard the victim screaming. She said the situation was terrifying.

“You go into survival mode,” she said. “You don’t know what to do except protect your family and those around you.”

Barber said the incident was a reminder of both her fiancé’s good character – and the importance of good neighbors.

“That’s just the person he is, it’s just part of his nature to kind of help people and take care,” she said, “And that’s how our neighborhood is too, like everyone kind of watches out for each other and takes care of each other.”

The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Jordan Lynch, reportedly broke the sliding glass door to a house and was confronted by the victim. She attempted to leave her house, but was stabbed twice by Lynch. She was then able to escape from her house and call for help.

The victim was provided with medical assistance once Sacramento Metro Fire personnel arrived and was then taken to the hospital for her injuries.

Lynch has now been booked at the county jail on attempted homicide and violation of probation charges.

"We want to thank the community members who came to the aid of the victim this early morning and calling CHPD so quickly," the department said