Neighbors in Citrus Heights are looking for the person they believe ran over their beloved pet rooster, Jake.

"If I didn't see him, I would hear him up like a dog and he would go through the garage and get his breakfast," said Royce Carlock, a neighbor.

Jake wasn't just a rooster to Carlock. After Carlock lost his wife to cancer four months ago, Jake was his buddy.

"Yes he was there for me," Carlock said. "I could pick him up and get him up and he laid down there and would make a funny noise. It was like he was talking to you."

Friday morning, Jake was on his usual routine, likely to Carlock's house for his sunflower seed breakfast when he was killed by a car driving by. Kiri Ando's security cameras captured it.

"We had a lot of chickens in this area tons of them 20 to 30," Ando said. "In the last year, their population has been going down and we've seen them get in the roads."

"I'm wondering what's happening," said Sara Hope, a neighbor. "Is someone out for chicken revenge or something? I don't know."

Carlock has another theory.

"The babies, the hawks would get them, kept them down a bit, but it's nature," Carlock said.

However, Carlock believes Jake's death wasn't nature it was something malicious.

"I miss him," Carlock said. "I miss his crowing at six o'clock in the morning. He was my alarm clock. He was a good old boy. Yes, he was."