UPDATE: Two suspects were questioned and cleared by police. As of 9 P.M. Thursday, no arrests have been made.

On Wednesday, just a week and a half after Christmas, a 'Bad Santa' appeared in Citrus Heights.

In this case, the Bad Santa is a porch pirate, carrying a red sack full of packages, smoking a cigarette, and taking more packages off people’s porches.

What he didn’t seem to know is that a smart doorbell at one home would catch him in the act. The woman who posted the surveillance video on Facebook asked to remain anonymous and will be referred to as 'Jane' throughout the story.

Jane said she purchased a doorbell from Ring.com through a Black Friday deal.

"I've been really happy with it. It's user-friendly," said Jane. "It notifies me whenever there's motion and calls me when someone rings the doorbell."

You can also talk to whoever is at your door through the doorbell and see them in real-time, all via your phone or your laptop.

The man caught on camera even pauses as he looks at the doorbell, which clearly has a camera attached. After a quick hesitation, he continues stuffing the packages into his sack.

"It's kind of sad. He's Clearly going door to door," said Jane. "People work hard for their money. What they have. Sad someone's gonna go door to door and take their hard-earned money."

Jane quickly posted the video on a Facebook neighborhood watch group and she says Citrus Heights Police quickly caught a suspect, thanks to a vigilant community and a doorbell.