A man and woman are under arrest, charged selling an underage runaway into prostitution, beating and drugging her.

The minor ran away from her home on Aug. 24 to be with a 21-year-old man, later identified as Keiyonte Davis of Rosemont.

Following a lead, Citrus Heights police discovered the runaway was reportedly being forced into prostitution, leading investigators to open a case to find her.

Detectives were eventually able to locate the minor in a Sacramento County hotel, where among digital and electronic evidence of human trafficking and narcotics, they also found 19-year-old Kayla Randall, police said.

Detectives connected the illicit evidence to Randall, who was subsequently arrested, charged with human trafficking crimes, police said.

From the September discovery of the minor and Randall, detectives were later led to Davis, who they discovered had allegedly been drugging, beating and selling the minor into sex over the internet, according to police.

Connecting evidence they had already discovered along with the evidence they had on Davis, detectives reportedly discovered Randall was assisting Davis carry out the crimes.

Detectives were able to secure a felony warrant on Oct. 19 and arrest Davis, charging him with human trafficking crimes.