Sacramento City Council has decided to deliberate on a controversial ordinance which would crack down on the way people protest and organize.

"It is imperative that we protect the rights of all people, decent, resist and be heard," one activist said at a press conference in front of City Hall on Tuesday morning.

Forty different non-profits and activist groups teamed up to write a letter in opposition of the ordinance.

"I have a right to be outraged to be angry in a public space," one woman cried.

Mayor Steinberg organized his own press conference shortly after those in opposition of the ordinance.

"I would not attest peoples rights to express themselves as long as it is in a peaceful way," said Steinberg.

The Mayor said he appreciates councilmemeber Hansens' work on the ordinance but wants two sections eliminated.

"To remove any part that has to do with picketing at residential properties and noise complaints at residential properties," said the Mayor.

Vice Mayor Rick Jennings also chimed in after Steinberg with his own statement which read in part quote:
"Freedom of speech and the right for peaceful assembly is fundamental to our country and to our community. I am in full support of the Mayor's recommendations."

The City Council will deliberate and revisit the ordinance on August 22.