From the tips of velvety noses, to the roses in braided manes, to the jaunty red bows on tails neatly done up in buns, the Clydesdales were well-groomed to meet their public.

The massive, muscular horses of Scottish extraction would be impressive no matter what, but their glossy coats and neat white 'feathers' (as the long hair that flows over their hooves is known) drew many an admiring gaze.

Vera Jackson, her husband Gary and granddaughter Chanel, 8, of Suisun were among the admirers Friday. It was their second visit this week to the Fairfield Anheuser-Busch Brewery to see the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales, and they planned to go again Saturday.

"They're beautiful creatures -- beautiful!" said Vera Jackson.

Stacie and Alyssa Franks and Wendy and Lanai Smith, two mother and daughter pairs from Modesto, were also fans. 

Stacie Franks had planned the trip two months ago after seeing a Facebook post about the event. 

"She's obsessed with horses," said Stacie Franks.

Alyssa Franks said she hoped to have a horse of her own one day.

"She asks for one every holiday -- Easter, Fourth of July, whatever. 'Please buy me a horse?'" Stacie said with a chuckle.