At first glance, Jazmyn Wheelock of Sacramento seemingly has it all: a new home, a loving husband, and five beautiful, healthy children.

The one thing she never had and always wanted: a father.

"I missed what having a life with a father would've been like," said Jazmyn. "I never went to any father dances...even at my wedding, not being able to have my dad walk me down the aisle."

Jazmyn's father was Charles Campbell, a 20-year-old Solano County man who went missing in 1991. His mother Rachael always clung onto a bit of hope but couldn't help but think the worst.

"I think I always knew [he wasn't still alive]," said Rachael. "Maybe [he was]. But I just had a feelin gsomething bad happened."

For awhile, the family thought he had been murdered. However, updated fingerprint techniques helped investigators identify a body that had drowned in Isleton. Rachael and Jazmyn said the way they found out felt like fate.

Jazmn said a family member who was a volunteer for the missing person's department in Sacramento County overheard someone say Charles' name. Jazmyn said they learned that Charles body had been found just weeks after he went missing and was later buried. It had been unidentified all this time.

"I've cried so much since finding out. I never really had time to process," said Jazmyn. "Finding the body and us knowing and going to his grave all hit me at once."

Even though he is no longer physically with his loved ones, they say his spirit lives on.

"I would hope he would be proud and happy that his legacy lived on through me and my children," said Jazmyn. "That parts of him are still left."