Oak Park has received a lot of attention recently after a series of shootings, including one of a young pregnant woman.

Now, the community has decided "enough is enough" and is working to make things better after these recent tragedies.

On Sunday, June 2, city officials held a barbecue where residents from Oak Park could come together with police officers and discuss community issues.

"We should be responsible citizens committed to improving our city and community that we love," Vice Mayor Rick Jennings said.

The recent uptick in violence has devastated many, but Jennings said change is on the way.

"What we have done under the mayor's leadership is mobilized the community saying we are taking charge of the community and lets take our community back," Jennings said.

All who gathered at the barbeque had different ideas on ways to create change. Sacramento resident Luis Morton said he thinks transformation will happen in schools.

"Education, the more you know, the better off you will be in life there is no substitute for it," Morton said.

Last week, city officials created a strategic plan with community partners and the police department to make sure changes are actually happening.

"We're calling on the entire community of Oak Park, were calling on the entire community of Sacramento to come on out and be part of the change we all want to see," Jennings said. "It's on us and if we are just talking about it we aren't changing it."

Over 30 officers from a variety of specialty units patrolled and engaged with the community at several planned neighborhood functions over the 4th of July holiday weekend, this barbeque being one of three.