The consistent and ongoing complaints over high PG&E bills in the area has caused a California lawmaker to investigate the issue.

"I looked at it and I immediately thought something was wrong when we went from $80 to over $300," said Lydia Devolder, Folsom resident.

Devolder couldn't believe what she had to pay since she barely uses gas in her home - she only uses it for her fireplace and hot water.

Senator Jerry Hill said it's a concern and is looking into the issue. Hill also said they're specifically looking at what would cause a spike from the year to the next. He's checking if people have been using an electric heater and not reporting it.

ABC10 showed the Sacramento Better Business Bureau some bills from viewers, however they said it could possibly be due to the colder winter and the rate increase.

"I couldn't tell you specifically, but I do know the rates hit that holiday period that the bill came over and it might've not been that last year as the days fell," said Gary Almond, Better Business Bureau.

He adds that some people don't realize the amount of energy they're using with the holiday lights up, more family in town, and heat during the colder months.

PG&E told ABC10 everyone's bills and circumstances are different. According to a spokesperson, customers saw a 13% increase, about $7 a month, that started in August 2016.