A Rosenberg mother is holding her baby closer after a soaking wet Galleria ceiling tile fell, nearly crushing her child, Friday.

Six-month-old Pierson and his parents, Ruth and Chico Negual, were making a rare visit to the Galleria Friday afternoon. Ruth Negual picked up Pierson about two minutes before the tile fell, sending debris across the food court floor and onto the family’s stroller.

“Just all the what ifs and you replay that over and over in your head,” Ruth Negual said. “What could have happened to your little one and how fast it could have been taken away from you?

KHOU 11 News sent the mall’s owner, Simon Property Group, an email Friday evening. A follow-up phone call, Tuesday, was answered. However, the company’s public relations spokesperson was unaware of the incident.

The Neguals had been trying to reach the company to find out what’s next and make sure other mall patrons are safe.

“Once the incident happened, we left the area, but literally 30 minutes later, another patron sat at the very same seat we were at,” Ruth Negual said.

Hours after talking to a Simon Property spokesperson, the Galleria’s general manager called and apologized to Ruth Negual. She says the mall is paying to replace her damaged stroller and assured her they’re investigating HVAC units that may have led to the incident.