There are concerns about a new project called a "road diet" in West Sacramento.

The city is taking out lanes to help with speeding and add bike lanes.

"We had a four lane major thoroughfare and now we're to two lanes, one lane in each direction," said Dan Amegin, West Sacramento resident. "Our major concern is safety. Coming around the cornerr, we have a bus stop here and kids pour out of here twice a day."

There are many people who are against the project, but we found one person who is understanding.

"I get why they're trying to do to slow down traffic," said Barry Alves, West Sacramento resident. "I think it's a good traffic pattern and will reduce speed."

ABC10 reached out to the city of West Sacramento.

The mayor wasn't available to speak with us but his spokesperson says the project is half way done. The spokesperson added if people have concerns, they can contact them but they likely will not stop the project.