California cows are not so happy in this summer’s heat and it’s affecting milk production. The problem is so bad researchers at UC Davis are looking for a solution

It's estimated that dairy farmer’s nationwide loose over 800 million per year in energy cost and milk production. That's why researchers at UC Davis are looking at some new techniques to keep cows cool.

With the help from a four-year, $1 million grant from the California Energy Commission, undergrads are testing different cooling techniques. They include advanced evaporators, misters and underground cooling pads.

The new technologies, tested by Western Cooling Efficiency Center at UC Davis, are designed to reduce water by 86 percent and electricity up to 38 percent.

For the past few months, researchers been watching videotapes of the cows as they interact with different cooling devices. They are also monitoring the cows’ temperatures.

Researchers just wrapped up the first phase of the experiment and are now going to go over the data. Some of these cooling devices and techniques could be implemented in dairies as early as next year