Northern California couples are scrambling to find available wedding venues and vendors as the devastating wildfires continue in the region.

Adam Smith and Kim Nyberg had to find another venue for their wedding Saturday after roads closed around theirs in Geyersville.

They've been planning the wedding for a year and a half, and worked with their event planner to find a venue available and willing to accommodate them on Saturday.

"We started worrying about it on Monday watching everything like a hawk, but Tuesday was when we had to make the decision," Smith said.

Rescheduling wasn't an option. They had family flying from all over the country.

"That was the big reason we didn't want to reschedule the wedding to a different date," Nyberg said. "If they couldn't get refunds on their flights or anything like that I would feel terrible."

Not only did they have to find a venue that's available but vendors too.

"The DJ for this weekend's wedding was evacuated," said Danielle Vargas, event planner. "A vendor and musician who I'm working on a wedding for next weekend, I think the fire was two blocks from her home. One of the catering staffs for this weekend lost their home. So even though these people are leaving everything behind, they're still saying I will be there for the wedding this weekend."

However, when you put it all in perspective, the couple says even though it's a big day it's so small compared to what wildfire victims have lost.

"At the end of the day, it's just a wedding," Nyberg said. "I'll marry him wherever."

"We go there all the time because we love it and we wanted to be sharing that with our friends and family and so it's like a second home and it's heartbreaking," Smith said. "A lot of people who worked on the wedding have lots their homes. It's just crushing."

A lot of venues and vendors have reached out on social media to let people know they are available.

However, since this is the fall wedding season, many of them say they are booked on most Saturdays.