Nashville-raised baritone Nicolas Bearde and his band satisfied a Sacramento audience's taste for jazz Thursday night at the first session of Crocker Art Museum's summer jazz series.

The museum will host a live concert every third Thursday between June and September, said Shea Hanson, public programs assistant at the Crocker.

The Crocker is partnering with the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, with CEO Carolyn Swayze at the helm, to put on the series, which includes "jazz chats" to educate and open up the rich world of jazz to Sacramento audiences.

The cooperative is a non-profit group whose purpose is "to expand jazz audiences in Sacramento," Swayze said.

Upcoming jazz Thursdays at the Crocker will feature Sandy Cressman, Ray Obiedo and Vivian Lee.

In addition to the Crocker sessions, the Jazz Cooperative hosts live jazz at the Clara Auditorium in Midtown.

"We've got some great things on the horizon," she added. "We've got Henry Robinett in July, along with Jacam Manricks and Beth Duncan. On the 19th of June in celebration of Juneteenth we have the Margie Baker quartet coming in from San Francisco and she's going to do all of the music from the Jazz Preservation District, so that should be fun."

"So we just keep live jazz going as long as we can and as often as we can," Swayze said.