If you grew up in Sacramento near the Arden Manor area, chances are you know 'Dancing Dan.'

On Facebook, you'll find some funny comments like: 'Dan and I have a long history of seeing each other...there in his Spider-Man suit one size too small.'

Other comments include: '[Dan] wouldn't take that lady's 5 bucks, but [he] settled for a 'God Bless You.'

Many shared their personal stories; one sentiment was the same: 'He deserves better than this and now, he deserves our recognition and help.'

The 61-year-old sign twirler, whose real name is Daniel Sloan, has been on many various street corners throughout the neighborhood. Many locals who now have families of their own remember 'Dancing Dan' as part of their own childhoods.

Dan has been through a lot. At a young age, he suffered a brain injury that left him with some developmental disabilities.

On Sunday night, he was attacked in his sleep. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said they received a call about an assault. Dan was unconscious when deputies arrived.

"Me and God are pretty close," Dan said. "Anything they did to me, I didn't feel a bit of it. I didn't feel nothing 'til I was gone."

ABC10's Frances Wang visited Dan in the hospital. During that time, many strangers stopped by, dropping off items and promising to help raise money for him.

In a way though, they weren't strangers.

Jason Hughes and his wife started a YouCaring page. He has lived in Carmichael for two decades and remembers Dan from his teenage years.

Christopher Love, owner of the electronic repairs shop 'Love 2 Fix,' has aso always known who Dan was. He even hired him to be a sign twirler when he first opened up business.

He's planning on holding a sale where proceeds will go towards Dan.

Meanwhile, on his hospital bed with scars on his forehead and bruising on his cheeks, Dan is overwhelmed by the love and support.

"I get emotional all the time, even if it's just reading the Bible," Dan said. "God's love is really special to me. He helps me through my dark ages."