It's hard to keep up with the number of dating apps nowadays.

There are so many dating sites and apps available at your fingertips, you may roll their eyes when hearing about yet another dating app coming into the mix.

But there's one that may peak your attention.

The app, "Hater", takes a different approach to connecting people with common interests and beliefs. Hater connects people who share a common hatred.

The unconventional app launched in February and is currently popular in Germany, according to, a website review of the app. The app was created based upon the idea that people develop close ties with other people who hate the same thing or dislike the same person.

How does Hater work?

A user votes on a number of topics or issues based upon how they feel. Subjects include politicians, musicians, major companies and even classmates. So far, the hottest topics are slow drivers, bullies, and President Donald Trump, according to the

The app uses an algorithm to link a person to another person who hates the same thing. When a user is presented with a match's profile, they can swipe to connect, just like on Tinder.

However, Hater swipes go beyond right and left swipes, they're a little more extensive.

Leftward swipe on a person means you are not interested in them while rightward swipe on a person indicates an interest in the swiped profile and that you want the person as a match. Downward swipe on a topic means you hate that particular issue and upward swipe means you love the theme you have swipe on.

Both parties have to swipe right, like on Tinder, to be able to chat.

In addition to matching people based on their shared hatred of something, Hater uses location, age and mutual interests to get people together.

Hater presents the percentage of questions two users gave the same answer for. An 87 percent match means the shared hate is strong.

"Based upon the above factors it is possible for the two linked individuals to have so much in common and therefore engaged in long conversation to dig further into their feelings on the common issues affecting their surroundings or life." states.

How to sign up for Hater

Like most other dating apps, users need a Facebook account to sign up for Hater. The app retrieves a user's Facebook profile photo and uses it on the Hater profile. Users can then add details about themselves on their profile. New users are presented with as many as 3,000 topics to swipe on to start building matches.

Can you hate on anything while using Hater?

No. The app prohibits topics on subjects such as race, ethnicity or socioeconomic backgrounds, according to the website. It's important to note, the app is fairly new. Hate brings out negative emotions and while the app controls the topics users can vote on, any issues that may come from the app are to be seen.