The Davis Police Department is searching for a suspect reportedly burglarizing homes by cutting through window screens.

Police received a call on Sep. 8 saying that a suspect knocked on a residents door and when they answered the suspect asked for a random person.

There were three burglaries that same day on nearby houses. The places were ransacked and police are calling this a "burglary series" since its happened at least 15 other times since July.

Davis PD Public Information Officer Paul Doroshov says they believe the suspect caught on the surveillance videos are responsible for all 15 burglaries.

The suspect in the video is described as African-American , 6-foot tall and drives a newer white model 4-door sedan.

The burglaries have happened during the day with a majority of people at work at the time and believe the suspect knocks on the doors of homes who have open first floor windows to see if anyone is inside.

Davis PD urges residents to not leave their first floor or accessible windows open while away from home.

If someone does approach your door asking for someone who doesn't live there, gather as much information as you can on their appearance then call the police. Any information on the suspect, you can contact the police department at 530-747-5400.