You'll probably seen or taken a ride on a beer bike in Sacramento.

Well, a similar concept may be coming to Davis.

The Davis City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance Tuesday evening permitting bikebus pedicabs in the city.

And one Davis dentist is hoping it becomes law.

"Being in dentistry, nobody really likes coming to see me," James Meinert said. "If I'm a pedicab guy, then I'll be like, you know, the fun guy in town."

Meinert's potential side hustle would include three-course dinner tours, with a stop at each course and even the potential for student tours at University of California, Davis.

If the pedicabs are approved, the permit would for be for pedicabs that could hold at least eight people, with a max of 15 people. No alcohol would be consumed on these pedicabs either.

The city would still need to set permit fees and the process would take a few months.