Bruno Hope calls himself the Davis Bike Fairy. He's a mystery to many.

"I'd question why someone would do that and definitely it's a kind gesture, because I didn't have those lights," said Gregory Philip, a bicyclist.

Hope works with the city of Davis and Community Employment Services, an organization that helps find work for adults with disabilities. Hope is also autistic.

He took us around to show what he usually does for several hours every other day. Hope checks the bike to see if it has any lights, if it doesn't he puts a small packet of bike lights for the front and rear with a note on the handle.

The note lets people know where to put the bike lights and reminds people about staying visible and to follow the rules of the road.

Hope has been doing this as part of bike month, but it's pretty natural for him since he bikes pretty much everywhere.

It also gives him a chance to explore.

"I get to see different bikes," Hope said.

He says it's not just a job, but he has a passion for safety.

"We don't get hit by cars," Hope said.

Hope gave away more than 200 bike lights in the past month.