In the midst of thousands of protestors at San Francisco International Airport over the weekend Sara Ehsani-Nia was there to help.

"It was an emotionally heavy experience," said Ehsani-Nia. "I think there were thousands of protestors that were chanting words of support which was nice but looking in the eyes of families who were very concerned about where their detained relatives were it was very heartbreaking."

Ehsani-Nia is a second year law student at UC Davis.

Over the weekend she helped people who were held at the airport.

"I worked with the Asian law caucus to help release two elderly Iranians who were traveling to the US to visit their grandkids and see their relatives here and they had been in detention from Friday to Sunday," Ehsani-Nia said.

She was one of 30 alumni and students who offered services.

Holly Cooper is the co-director of the immigration law clinic at UC Davis School of Law.

"We were communicating through family members," said Cooper. "A lot of times people are communicating while on board of the airplane and so we're able to connect with family and find the lawyers. Some lawyers set up spots in the arriving sections of the international terminals."

For Ehsani-Nia, the work is personal.

She's a first generation Iranian American and one day hopes to be an immigration attorney.