Woodland city leaders will consider officially making their home a Sanctuary City at Thursday's council meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Mayor Angel Barajas said the city's law enforcement have already been practicing "Sanctuary" like enforcement which includes not asking people their immigration status and not reporting to the Federal government when an undocumented person is taken into the jail system.

However, a group of community members brought the idea to council and now they're considering the change.

Marie Pariea is with a grassroots community group called "Woodland Huddle" that's leading the charge. Pariea is a therapist who has worked with children whose undocumented parents have been deported -- She says families should not be separated despite immigration status.

“I would be very proud of our city," Pariea said. "I would be very proud that they have stood up and taken a stance for what’s right.”

Such a measure would not only create an ordinance rather than a practice, it will also show the Woodland community, including undocumented residents and their families, that they have the city's support, Barajas said.

Barajas says he doesn't feel it is a local government's role to be enforcing federal immigration policies.

Opponents say the move would create more crime in Woodland.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in Sacrametno are considering a bill that would make California a sanctuary state. Even if that bill passes, Woodland's mayor says he will still push for his city to become a sanctuary.