When the clock strikes 2 here in California you loose an hour of sleep. Daylight Saving Time is here so embrace the change.

The National Weather Service has some tips when 'Springing' forward. The tips said don't change your schedule, have a nighttime routine, don't take long naps and make sure to get some sunshine throughout the day.

Many people dread the change but others love the the extra hour of daylight. DST was first introduced in 1918 but wasn't implemented nationwide until 1966. Although Daylight Saving Time is no longer a federal requirement only two states don't do it, Arizona and Hawaii.

Unfortunately many feel like DST does more damage than good. Researchers said there are more car crashes, strokes and heart attacks the days following time change. And as for spending researchers at Cornell University found that people in Los Angeles spend 3-point-5 percent less at stores, compared to people in Phoenix who do not spring forward.

There are some positive studies like a 2015 report by the Brookings Institution found that, on the first day of daylight saving time, robbery rates fall by an average of 7 percent.

Now this debate goes on every year in California, with lawmakers trying to get the Golden State to join the anti-time-changers. Last year, California lawmakers failed to get rid of the tradition, the Democrat who wrote the bill is trying again but changed the piece of legislation up this time. Kansen Chu's new bill would give the Legislature the power to change its dates and times by a majority vote or get rid of Daylight Saving Time all together.

Those who oppose the bill are weary of the affect of time change on farmers and California business if we were 4 hours behind the other side of the nation.

So, don't lose sleep over it, you will be able to fall back, Nov. 5 at 2 a.m.