In California, it seems like there's only one debate that ever really matters.

It's not politics. It's whether you're a fan of In-N-Out burgers. And Sacramento Kings rookie De'Aaron Fox is apparently not a fan.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fox lays into the beloved burger chain while talking about food. Interviewer Seerat Sohi asks the rookie about his affinity for breakfast food. Even though he hasn't been in Sacramento very long, Fox says he's already found a favorite brunch spot, but sadly doesn't give up the location because "then people are going to meet me there."

He then switches topics to make the pointed note, "In-N-Out is not good."

What's his beef? Fox says the burgers are just OK. Overrated, even.

And before you ask, yes, he's looked into the secret menu. He's still not a fan.

"I’ve tried it all. It’s just not good,” Fox says, adding his personal favorites are Wendy's and Fat Burger in L.A.