Sean Thompson, the man who threw pie in former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's face, is in court Thursday, awaiting a jury verdict.

The jury had questioned some definitions related Thompson’s case, and went back to the deliberation room to discuss the matter. Though jurors have discussed the charges for days, they still have not been able to reach a verdict.

While we don't know which way jurors were leaning, according to the Court the 12 person jury reached a 7-5 decision and a 9-3 decision.

The jury must reach a unanimous verdict.

According to court documents, the jurors had the following questions for the court.

1. "What constitutes "official duties as Mayor"

2. If a touching is done in a "rude or angry way," does that necessarily constitute touching in a "harmful or offensive matter.

3. In determining whether a touching is done in an offensive manner, should we consider whether it was offensive to Mayor Johnson or to a reasonable person."

4. Is there a legal definition for "by its nature," (regarding another court document)

The jury went home as counsel and prosecutors prepare answers to juror questions. Court resumes at 9 a.m. Friday.