Denair High School Varsity football is small.

“We’ll suit up 13 tonight," head coach Anthony Armas said. "We have 15 on the roster."

The “Mighty Cyotes” is what Captain, Kyle Prock called the team. He said it is short for Coyotes.

“All 13 of us are in the best shape of our lives right now,” Prock said.

The want to win the league.

“I’ve never heard of this happening. I’ve never been part of [something like] this happening. It's cool but nerve racking at the same time,” Armas said.

He said each player has a minimum of two positions, some play up to five.

“If one man goes down we have to play, we only have two players to sub us out,” another captain added.

At Friday night’s game when Newman’s Orestimba High School’s team of 37 lined up, the Coyotes didn’t back down.

“The mighty 14 is what we have been called so far, but cyote football is what we are always told to play and we just grind it out the whole game,” Prock said.

The same team said they are unified around the pigskin and will finish the season strong.

“We play for each other we don’t play for ourselves” one player chimed in.

Another player added, “We love each other like a family.”

Although they battled in the rain beneath the Friday night lights, they came up short of the victory. But the team still has a chance to win their league with three games left in the season.

“With that many bodies you have to go one game at a time and just go from there," Armas said. "But the kids are amped and they are shooting for league so we will see how it goes."