Sacramento is known as the City of Trees, the River City, and most recently city leaders have pushed to brand the city as “America’s Farm to Fork Capital.”

A recent city council decision to repaint a water tower that read “City of Trees” to now read “America’s Farm to Fork Capital” came with some backlash on social media.

On Reddit, a post asked why the city didn’t embrace its flag – Many ABC10 spoke with on Friday in front of City Hall had never even heard of a city flag.

So we did some research into it.

In 1989, Sacramento City Council commissioned a team to redesign a flag that would be timeless and reflect the city’s heritage.

The redesign was called for to commemorate the city’s Sesquicentennial or the 150th anniversary, according to city records. The design was donated by the Artists and Directors Club of Sacramento.

The 28-year-old flag features two shades of blue divided by a white “S”, a green dot to the left and a yellow dot to the right, and at the bottom reads “City of Sacramento” in white letters.

While you’ll find the California State and United States flag at city hall, the Sacramento city flag isn’t regularly flown.

There are no current talks in City Hall about changing the flag design.