Hundreds of racers, including a group of 20 disabled veterans, flocked to Van Vleck Ranch to compete in the Sacramento Spartan Race Sunday.

“We’re going to start together and we’re going to end together,” said Marcuss Hernandez, a recently retired U.S. Marine, before starting the race.

Hernandez is part of the veteran non-profit organization, Ranger Road, which provides veterans with the resources they need to be successful while they transition from military to civilian life.

“I’ve always wanted to do a Spartan Race, but I was always nervous and scared to do it on my own,” said Matthew Perry, who traveled from Florida with the help of Ranger Road.

Perry, who’s also a retired U.S. Marine, has post-traumatic epilepsy.

“My brain isn’t fully functional, but I’m still physically fit, and there are veterans that aren’t physically capable of doing an obstacle like this. Because my brain doesn’t work, I would like to utilize what I have, what I was blessed with to benefit them,” Perry adds.

Some of the veterans ran with stretchers to carry some of the disabled vets that needed assistance.

“It may take two, it may take three veterans – but we’re starting together, we’re finishing together.”