Offensive jokes about the Black Lives Matter movement were made at the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office Halloween party.

A whistleblower sent photos to ABC10 News from a skit that took place at the holiday potluck luncheon. One employee, dressed as Snow White, pretends to snort a white substance – seemingly a stand-in for cocaine – off a mirror.

Other employees are dressed as Snow White’s dwarves, but in black-and-white prison stripes. The whistleblower says a sign was held that said “Dwarves Lives Matter,” poking fun at Black Lives Matter protesters.

San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber-Salazar confirmed that the skit took place on the last day in October.

“During the course of the skit, a few employees of the office mocked the use of substance abuse, and Dwarves Lives Matter. That is not reflective of who we are, and what we believe in, and what we’ve worked hard in this community to do. I apologize and take responsibility for the actions of my office. The buck stops with me. And at this time I can tell you nothing but how unfortunate this situation is, and that I apologize to the community.”

Verber-Salazar said she left the room before the Dwarves Lives Matter skit, but was informed of the sign and took immediate disciplinary action. She said the skit is not reflective of the district attorney’s office’s feelings toward the protester movement.

“I think the totality of my work speaks to my efforts to do right by everybody in this community. Unfortunately, on this day, in five to six minutes, a lot of good work could be destroyed,” Verber-Salazar said.

Verber-Salazar said she had already reached out privately to community leaders to discuss the Halloween skit. ABC10 News has reached out to the Stockton Black Lives Matter chapter for comment.