The 'Do Not Drink' advisory for a specific area in Sacramento has been lifted with city officials saying that there is no further indication of possible contamination.

City officials had said that an estimated 600 to 1,000 people were in the warning zone and warned those living in the affected area to not drink the tap water, which may have included brushing teeth, washing dishes and/or making ice and any other food preparation.

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities had issued the advisory specific to the area south of Main Ave., west of Norwood Ave., east of Pell Drive and north of Interstate 80 in North Sacramento.

The effect had turned the color of the water purple, but laboratory results concluded that the water samples were normal and the city also flushed the fire hydrants in the area which resolved the color issue.

If any residents are returning from an extended leave in the area and see discolored water, officials are urging you to flush your faucets throughout your home until the color disappears. If it doesn't go away then call the city at 311 or 264-5011.

There is an ongoing investigation as to possible causes.