A family left one store disappointed, after a Black Friday doorbuster deal didn't go as they planned.

For years now, Fernando Hernandez has camped outside of the Best Buy in Riverbank for the Black Friday doorbuster deals.

"(I) try to be the first one in line so I don't want to risk losing an item," he told ABC10 outside the store Thursday evening. "I'll camp out for, you know, two, three days if I have to."

The Modesto Bee put him on the front page of the Nov. 23, 2011 paper, in a story about Hernandez's strategies for securing the top spot in line.

"It's always been a challenge, you know, and I like it," he said.

This year, his two sons and three of his nephews decided to join him for the all-night adventure.

"We were playing games. We were playing Uno, you know, Jenga," Hernandez said. "We were having pizza."

They were all waiting in line for the 50 in. 4K TV at the doorbuster price of $179.99, down from $499.99.

But when it came time to hand out the tickets - one TV per ticket - only Hernandez got one. The five boys, ranging in age from 12 to 17, did not get a ticket.

Hernandez's wife, Mikki Raygoza, spoke with store employees about the matter.

"I tried to explain to them, I said, 'You know, these boys are from different families. These TVs are going to different homes,' and they didn't want to hear the story. They didn't want to hear anything," Raygoza said.

ABC10 took the family's questions and concerns to the store manager. He told us we would have to reach out to Best Buy's corporate media relations team, and we did that.

They got back to us with a statement:

"The customer was asking for several of one of our hottest doorbusters, of which we had limited quantities. We had a lot of people in line who wanted that TV, and it wouldn't have been fair to give so many to one customer," a Best Buy media relations specialist replied.

Hernandez said his nephews were completely separate customers, who live in different households.

"They gathered their own money and they saved up for it. I think it's deserving of them to get one," he said. "It's not like I was getting all the TVs because it's only one per customer, so they're a customer, they were getting one. I was getting one, and we came up with this issue now," he said.

Hernandez did use his ticket to buy the TV, along with a doorbuster deal for a laptop.

He said he may reconsider camping out in front of that particular Best Buy for next Black Friday.